Kamis, 24 November 2011



Assalamualaikum Wr Wb

Respected principal ... I respect Mr / Ms Teachers and Administrative staff and friends who I love Thank you for your time has been given to me to convey Speech About Drugs This.

First of all let us pray gratitude Allah SWT has bestowed His blessings so that we can gather here today and I will deliver a speech on Drugs.

The number of drug users in Indonesia every time is increasingly so large, it may be due to weak law enforcement in Indonesia so that the international dealer can work with an Indonesian citizen and earn huge profits. Abuse of Narcotics and other additives that of course brings a broad and complex effects. As one example of its effects include behavioral changes, health problems, decreased work productivity drastically, crime and other acts of violence are rampant and increasing.

Drug abuse can be prevented through programs such as following social activities, do not associate with users or drug dealers, not easily affected solicitation or advances to using drugs. Drug users are usually dominated by teenagers and school children.

Assalamualaikum Wr Wb ..

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