Kamis, 24 November 2011



Ass. Wr. Wb

The Venerable Father, mother school head teacher
and the Ladies and Gentlemen

Previously I would like to thank the event organizers ... in order to welcome the World No Tobacco Day which falls on 31 May every year, which has given me time to deliver a short speech in order to realize these days is becoming smoke-free can really be a day forever free from tobacco smoke.

Dear friends whom I respect,
Not a secret anymore and no longer have to dupungkiri that among the smokers actually know ataupu already felt the impact of the dangers of smoking, but they seemed to turn a blind eye with a variety of reasons, In fact, cigarette smoke has been scientifically proven to cause at least 25 types of disease. That is, when many countries - including developing countries - to tighten the rules about smoking to protect the health of its people, but Indonesia became a haven for cigarette industry.

Dear friends whom I respect,
Although many regulations already-issued regulations and already many rules and restrictions have been imposed, such as "Smoking ban in public places", but not a few or many smokers do not obey the rule that has prevailed is, therefore, we as citizens a good and also care about health, let us realize a healthy life without cigarette smoke begins from ourselves

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